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Guest Author Interview: Beth Bence Reinke

Beth and I first met on the ICL chat boards and through the CWCC and now we are fellow members of Indie-Debut 2010. It has been a distinct pleasure watching Beth’s writing career flourish.

DMc: Beth, you have several releases coming out. First, please share with us the inspiration behind In My Bath and how you found 4RV Publishing.

BR: Two things inspired me to write In My Bath. First was a picture book I remember reading that had a little girl sleeping in different animal beds. I liked the idea of a child “trying out” different ways animals do things.

The second thing was “silly sleeping friends,” a special bedtime routine we did when my boys were little. I performed funny skits using their favorite stuffed animals - dogs, cats, a chipmunk, a dinosaur, an elephant, a manatee. Little boys using their imaginations at bedtime morphed into bath time and became In My Bath. Like the girl from the bedtime book, the child in my book imagines he’s doing things animals do– in this case, water-loving animals.

I found 4RV Publishing by attending the Muse Online Writers’ Conference that is held in October. I highly recommend this free conference to all writers.

DMc: Now the same for Race Fans’ Devotions to Go and Fruit Lovers’ Devotions to Go and how you found Extreme Diva Media.

BR: I learned about Extreme Diva Media years ago through some friends who wrote for EDM’s online women’s magazine, which at the time was called Simple Joy. While checking out the website, I discovered the “Devotions to Go” series, which is well-established with more than twenty titles. I loved the idea of a month-long devotional book women could stash in a purse and take anywhere. I asked myself, what topics do I know well enough to write about for a devotional book? Being a dietitian and a NASCAR fan, I chose fruit and racing.

DMc: How do the two publishing houses differ? Similarities?

BR: Both are independent publishers with dedicated, capable women as CEOs. I have enjoyed working with both houses and find that these small publishers work one-on-one with authors, patiently answering questions from a new author like me. The two publishers differ in that 4RV publishes books for all ages, while Extreme Diva Media publishes titles exclusively for women. EDM’s parent company of See Media is expanding into books for men and children, too.

DMc: Please share with us your current work-in-progress.

BR: In addition to writing articles about food and nutrition, I’m at different stages with two children’s book manuscripts right now. One is a follow-up to In My Bath. The other is an ABC book, which new territory for me. I’m busy keeping up with my new website and blogs, too. My “Food & Faith” blog gives nutrition tips and “Beth’s Book Basket” offer reviews of children’s books, many from independent publishers.

DMc: What has been your best marketing tool to date and why?

BR: Hmm, I’m really not sure yet. I’m just beginning to promote and market In My Bath so I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

DMc: A signature request I like to ask every author, illustrator, editor, etc., I interview is for the individual to share with us a tidbit from their lives that the reader will find either humorous or surprising. Beth, can you please share one with us?

BR: Friends who knew me “way back when” would never believe that I’ve become a loyal NASCAR fan. I watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup race every week. It’s a great way to relax on Sunday afternoon, or sometimes Saturday night. Believe it or not, I was the champion of my fantasy NASCAR league in 2007. I love racing!

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  1. Thanks for the great interview! I love the cover of In My Bath. Cute!

  2. Thank-you, Donna and Beth for a great interview. It's helping me find direction as I pursue writing!

  3. Mayra, I love the cover, too. The illustrator, Ginger Nielson, did a fantstic job with it.

    Kathleen, so glad the interview was helpful to you.

    Thank you both for stopping by today. :o)

  4. Nice interview, Donna.

    Your book is so much fun, Beth. Congratulations.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to stop in, Beverly. I hope children have fun reading the book. :o)

  6. In My Bath is a delightful book for youngsters. I'm getting copies for great-grandchildren at this point. Of course I do have one younger grandson who will get a copy, too.

  7. Donna, again a great interview. You always provide interesting and inspiring information for both new and seasoned authors. Thanks for sharing. It is such fun being introduced to other talented authors and to discover how they got published.

  8. Vivian, that's great that you're getting copies for your greats and grand. Warms my heart. :o) Thanks for stopping by Donna's blog!

  9. Terri, I see you are a registered nurse. Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting with Donna and me today. :o)

  10. Thank you to all who have stopped by today. Looking forward to more visitors!

  11. Great interview Beth and Donna. It really made me think about other ways to write...

  12. Donna,
    You were one of the winners in my blog giveaway! You won a book and some chocolate. Please send me a snailmail address so I can get the goodies to you. My email is: g underscore handle at bellsouth dot net

  13. Sharon and Gail, thanks for coming by. I'm so glad the interview was helpful to you, Sharon. Happy writing! :o)

  14. Donna, thank you so much for hosting me and my book on your blog!

  15. Hi Beth:

    It was a pleasure hosting you. Best wishes for your continued success!

    Thank you to all who stopped by and left comments and to those who also visited.

    Your visits are much appreciated!

    Warm regards,


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