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Guest Author Interview ~ Shari Maurer

Like so many connections these days we meet new friends through cyberspace. Shari Maurer first found me by searching authors in Rockland County, NY and to my delight she contacted me almost two years ago. AT the time we were both submitting and looking for a publisher and due to our determination we both met our goal. Ms. Maurer’s debut novel, Change of Heart, was released April 2010 and I recently had the opportunity to interview Shari during her busy promo schedule. Come along for this inspiring interview and be amazed.

DMc: Your debut novel, Change of Heart, released April 2010 by WestSide Books. Please share with our readers what or whom inspired you to write such a heartwarming story of organ donation.

SM: My husband is a cardiologist who cares for patients waiting for transplants. One night he and his patient were featured on a Discovery Health program. Also on the show was a little girl waiting for a heart transplant. I watched as they wheeled her into the OR for her transplant and was haunted by the look on her face. The more I thought about her, the more Emmi’s story evolved.

DMc: Please share with our readers your road to publication from inception of your manuscript to completed novel.

SM: It felt long, but after talking to many writers, I’d say it was average. I started writing Change of Heart in the Fall of 2006. Several revisions later, I found an agent. We were on submission for a year before we got the offer from WestSide. Edits went very quickly and less than a year after the offer, Change of Heart was published. Moral of the story: persistence and patience. I was always good at persistence, but I’m trying very hard to learn the patience part of the publishing industry.

DMc: What has been your most effective marketing tool to date? Why?

SM: I’m not sure I have one thing I can point to as the most effective. I kind of look at marketing like an investment portfolio, but instead of balancing your investments with stocks, bonds, CDs and real estate, I balance my marketing portfolio with blog interviews, bookstore signings, TV and newspaper interviews and social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

Though I have to say to anyone who is making their YA or MG debut, the best thing I did was join the Class of 2K10 and the Tenners. These are groups where debut authors have banded together both for support and for joint promotion opportunities. I didn’t know how important having this community of writers who were experiencing so many of the same things I was, would be to me. The Class of 2K10 can be found at and the Tenners are at

DMc: Where can Change of Heart be purchased?

SM: Right now it is in several Barnes and Noble stores (and if it’s not in your local store, ask them and they can get it for you), some Indies and on-line via Amazon, B&, Borders and Indiebound.

DMc: What can we expect from you in the future?

SM: I have another YA book that my agent and I love and are trying to find a home. If you enjoyed Change of Heart, I think you’ll love my new one, too. And I’m in the middle of a book that is currently a mediocre first draft with a lot of potential (and now you know how I’ll be spending my summer!).

DMc: A signature request I like to ask every author, illustrator, editor, etc., I interview is for the individual to share with us a tidbit form their lives that the reader will find either humorous or surprising. Shari, can you please share one with us?

SM: The other night my son was having trouble falling asleep. I told him to make up stories in his head and hopefully that would relax him enough to sleep. I confessed to him that when I was a kid, I used to do that every night. Suddenly, it occurred to me that this was probably a big part of why I became a writer—because every day I was creating stories and perhaps the natural next step was to start writing them down and sharing them (though most of mine were not for sharing—especially the ones featuring the Brady Bunch—enough said!).

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  1. Lovely interview, Ladies!

    I love what Shari said to her son. I used to tell adaptations of my husband's bedtime stories (to our daughter) to my class. :)

    Have a super weekend, Donna!

  2. Donna,
    You did it again! What a wonderful interview. Thank you so much. I checked Shari's blog out, I joined her FB and will definitely order her book. It is so heartwarming to meet another New Yorker. When I come to New York to visit family I would love to meet up with both of you for lunch.
    Nicole Weaver

  3. For some reason Kathleen's comment didn't go to the correct post so I've copied it below:

    kathleen said...
    Thank you for this interview. I am amazed as I learn at the friendliness and willingness that authors often share in offering their help to one another.

    Congratulations to Shari!

    Kathleen, Sharon and Nicole...thanks for stopping by!

    Best wishes,

  4. Nicole...let me know when you will be in NY...I'd love to meet up in person.

    Warm regards,

  5. Thanks for the great interview. It sounds like a very compelling story.

  6. Congratulations on your book.
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    The Differently-Abled Writer
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  7. Loved the interview. Lots of interest.

    Books for Kids - manuscript Critiques

  8. Nicole, I'd love to meet you when you come in. And it'll give me an excuse to see Donna!

    Thanks for all of your kind words, everyone.

    I think what Kathleen said has been very true--it's been amazing to find so many writers that have been generous enough to share their wisdom with those of us who are not as far down the path.

    Donna, thanks for having me over at the blog!

  9. Donna, I can't figure out how to leave a comment as me, so I seem to have left one as my son, "Josh."

    Sorry for the confusion!


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  11. This is a great interview. I have always had stories in my head. I can't wait to work in them and get them polished for submission.

  12. Shari:

    It has been a pleasure hosting you today. Best wishes for your continued success.

    Warm regards,

  13. Great interview. Sounds like a heartwarming book.

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  15. Great interview ... I'm glad I took the time read it. There's lots of good information for a YA novelist like myself. Best of luck to both of you.

    Patricia Shirra
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