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The Writer’s Life with M.E Finke - National Writing for Children Center March Author Showcase

Welcome to day two of M.E. Finke’s 6-day NWFCC March Author Showcase tour and venture into Ms. Finke’s marvelous world of writing.

My writing days used to be packed with, well of course writing! Then there were book signings, school visits and talks to various organizations. Nowadays, due to hip and knee replacement problems, I do most of my book promotions online. Hopefully this will improve in a few months, and I will again be out there hawking my wares.

I converted the old family room, right off our kitchen, into my writing den. My husband made me a large U shaped desk, with cupboards and shelves, drawers and cubbyholes. There is a sofa and chairs, a cozy fire for winter, and big windows that look out onto the back garden. What I love most is the many shelves on the walls that house tender plants over winter. Gro-lux lights keep them blooming - the kinda tropical effect that keeps Oregon winters at bay, while infusing my imagination with “green” new ideas. Love it!

This is where I crouch over my computer after physical therapy torture, and spend most afternoons and early evenings. My husband and I have a deal. I quit at 8pm each night and we spend the evening together. Before that, I am free to lurk on Facebook, Tweet like a canary, and stalk online writing lists with my latest BOOK news.

Linkedin, JacketFlap and ReadersDen are my current stomping grounds. Writing something new is on the back burner at the moment. You have no idea how much time finding and contacting various newspapers, bookstores, and groups that might be interested in one of my books, takes.

Getting a Press Release just right, for a newspaper school or bookstore, is not easy: each one needs something slightly different and personalized. Then there’s bookmarks to design and make, and five blogs to keep fun, current and updated. YIKES!!

I also wrote a fun short story “tease” that introduces Taconi and Claude. It involves an adventure in the 21st Century, along with two troublesome characters from my other books. Readers can WIN a FREE Copy of my mid-grade adventure if their comment is chosen from the site. The short story is “Taconi and Claude’s BIG 2011 Adventure.”

Or - YOUR BOY can WIN his own copy by leaving a comment right here: http://taconiclaude.blogspot.com/.

To keep me out of mischief, I am tweaking my short story “tease” a tad, adding pictures, and turning it into an eBook. After slaving over this wannabe eBook for some time, sweating, tearing my hair, and suspecting I might needed mental therapy as well, it is almost ready to convert into PDF. Of course that will probably tip me completely over the edge. Who knew a simple little eBook could deliver such evil and Machiavellian torment.

Anyway, if we both survive the birth, a FREE copy of the eBook will go to anyone who buys an autographed copy of Taconi and Claude – Double Trouble. And if you aren’t sure your child will like my book, there’s a sample page on my blog: http://taconisample.blogspot.com/.

Follow Day 3 of Ms. Finke's tour tomorrow at http://www.melangeofcultures.wordpress.com/. Leave a comment and your name will automatically be entered to win a Three Angels Gourmet Co mug and a package of Divine Dill Dip Mix - at the end of the month, provided by the National Writing for Children Center.

Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


  1. Hi Margot:

    It's a pleasure hosting you today. The humor in your writing always brigthens my day!

    Good luck with Taconic and Claude and your new e-book.

    Your husband is a true gem and handy too!

    Warm regards,

  2. I loved every bite.

    Made me feel like I was in Margot's writing den sipping on a cup of tea and learning the art of writing.

    Good job, Donna and Margo! I am honored to know you both. And there's no doubt about it.... y'all are in your "WRITE" mind....


  3. This is terrific. I love what you've said about your husband and you spending some time together in the evenings! We've come to the same accommodation! Great stuff.

  4. It's great to hear about Margot, I seem to have known her forever, and it's good to read howe things are. Thank you so much for sharing


  5. Margot, wow, you work until 8PM! I'm impressed. By 8PM most nights my brains have turned to mush.

  6. Congratulations, Margot, on your new book! It was fun to take a peek into your writing life and get to know you more. -Nancy

  7. Your writing room/office sounds very nice, Margot! I bet you get a lot of inspiration in there. :-)

  8. Congrats on the new book, mate. You're amazing. No wonder I see you online all the time. You're doing a great job.


  9. Margot, your writing room sounds wonderful. Best wishes for Taconic and Claude!

    I've recently had to set a cut off time for working also - due to hubby and health reasons.

  10. I'm liking the sounds of that office set up, Margot. Tip of the hat to your husband for designing your writing lair---and to you for all the good stories you are producing there. You definitely got game.


  11. We should be doing podcasts so we can hear her accent! Eh, what?

  12. WOW! Thanks to all you ladies for making such flattering and kind comments. I am thrilled.

    Yes, my husband is a jewel of a man. I would be lost without his love and support.

    So glad you all liked Taconi and Claude. You CAN hear me chat about this book, Carolyn, and on writing books kids will WANT to read. There's a link on my home page to 3 current Book Bites for Kids interviews. http://www.margotfinke.com

    Thanks again everyone - and especially Donna - writing friends are the BEST!!

  13. Thank you one and all for your lovely and supportive words for Margot. It's an honor to know you all!

  14. I enjoyed your post Margot. I like the comparison between birthing a child and a book (blood, emotional torture, and a huge sense of achievement and pride afterwards). Also some good promotional ideas too.

  15. Thanks for sharing this, Donna. Margot, congratulations on yet another book! You are such a good writer, and it's enjoyable to read more about you and the things you do.

  16. Donna, Magdalena and Connie, many thanks for your good wishes and praise. I love writing. to not write is unthinkable.

    Having so many writing friends is a true blessing. Now all I need is kids and their parents to buy my book!!

    Margot's Magic Carpet - Read a sample chapter.

  17. Just finished Taconi & Claude. The entire time I wqas reading the voice of Taconi sounded like the boy in the movie Australia. Does anyone else give characters a voice?
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
    Children's Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta's Gargantuan Wings

  18. Great interview, Margot and Donna! I've read all your rhyming PBs, Margot, in my quest to better the rhythm and rhyme in Bedtime Kisses. I bought Taconi and Claude and am looking forward to reading it soon. Love the sounds of your writing room. Very cozy and inspiring!


  19. It was fun to learn more about Margot. Thanks for the interview.

  20. It sounds like you certainly keep busy promoting your writing and that's a very good thing!

  21. My goodness, so many new comments. I am tickled pink. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read, and then comment on this part of my Virtual Book Tour with NWCC.

    Janet, Heidi, Karen,Jessica, lovely to read your words. Writing this book was a labor of love. I felt I really got inside the head of Taconi. It seemed strange when there was no more left to write - like a kid going off to college and you are alone for a while.

    Margot's Magic Carpet - all 11 of my books on one page


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