Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book Marketing Idea Exchange with VBT Writers on the Move - May 2011 tours

VBT Writers on the Move is pleased to announce the May 2011 line-up of cross promotion efforts. Each stop is unique and every author has valuable information to share, whether it be book marketing, social networking, or an article on writing. Be sure to follow along and pick up important advice or the chance to ask questions.

1st Karen Cioffi Deb Eckerling Karen Cioffi is featuring Deb Eckerling

2nd Kathy Stemke Maggie Ball Kathy Stemke is featuring Maggie Ball

3rd Margaret Fieland Joe Dadich Margaret Fieland is featuring Joe Dadich

4th Carolyn Howard-Johnson Elysabeth Eldering Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Elysabeth Eldering

5th Stephen Tremp Jennifer Turner Stephen Tremp is featuring Jennifer Turner

6th Debra Eckerling Martha Swirzinski Debra Eckerling is featuring Martha Swirzinski

7th Martha Swirzinski Jennifer Gladen Martha Swirzinski is featuring Jennifer Gladen

8th Heidi Thomas Virginia Grenier Heidi Thomas is featuring Virginia Grenier

9th Dallas Woodburn Mari Taylor Dallas Woodburn is featuring Mari Taylor

10th Maggie Ball Kevin McNamee Maggie Ball is featuring Kevin McNamee

11th Viginia Grenier Robert Medak Virginia Grenier is featuring Robert Medak

12th Kevin McNamee Kathy Stemke Kevin McNamee is featuring Kathy Stemke

13th Elysabeth Eldering Carolyn Howard-Johnson Elysabeth Eldering is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson

14th Marietta Taylor Donna McDine Marietta Taylor is featuring Donna McDine

15th Robert Medak Shelby Patrick Robert Medak is featuring Shelby Patrick

16th Donna McDine Margaret Fieland Donna McDine is featuring Margaret Fieland

17th Shelby Patrick Heidi Thomas Shelby Patrick is featuring Heidi Thomas

18th Jennifer Gladen Dallas Woodburn Jennifer Gladen is featuring Dallas Woodburn

19th Jenny Turner Karen Cioffi Jenny Turner is featuring Karen Cioffi

20th Jennifer Wylie Stephen Tremp Jennifer Wylie is featuring Stephen Tremp

21st Joe Dadich Jenny Wylie Joe Dadich is featuring Jenny Wylie

Thank you for your time and interest.

Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

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