Friday, February 10, 2012

Authentic Voice: Unleash Your Writing

Normally I do not tune into reality shows, but for some reason when I settled in to relax a bit on the couch last night I stopped at the show The Voice hosted by Carson Daly. I've seen promo snippets over the last year and thought it was just another run of the mill reality show. Boy was I wrong!

The premise of The Voice is the judges keep their backs to the contestant and if they are impressed by their voice (without a visual) they hit a button that spins their chair around for their chance to convince the contestant to join their team. I was instantly impressed by the coaches, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Their positive energy and graciousness toward the contestants was heart warming. There was no bashing and making fun even if a judge did not join in the bid for the contestant. Each and every time the judges provided constructive feedback, with no negative undertones or sarcasm. What a breath of fresh air!

Christina Aguilera spoke about "not stifling your voice, let your true self shine through, and not be someone else. Once you find your authentic voice it has the chance to soar." I then had a major ah-ha moment.

You may be wondering at this point what does this have to do with writing. And if you are like me you've had your ah-ha moment. Instilling this thought process into my writing is a postive affirmation I know I'm going to start every writing session with. I've typed Christina Aguilera's words on paper and have posted them on my computer monitor to keep me focused and postive.

Go ahead find your authentic voice and let your words flow to paper and soar for all to enjoy!

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Donna M. McDine
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  1. I love the show and I love this post! Funny how we can find that unexpected inspiration, huh? Thanks for sharing, Donna.

  2. Two authors and I had this same conversation a few days ago. Every time one listens to advice from others about how your own voice "should be," a little of it gets lost. Finding one's own voice takes lots of listening to yourself and learning who you are.

    This is an excellent post that takes all that into account. Thanks for sharing, Donna.

  3. Hey, Donna,

    Isn't it funny how, as writers, we find inspiration and tips EVERYWHERE?

    While you found a great tip on THE VOICE this week, I found inspiraton from Madonna's performance during halftime at The Super Bowl (which I wrote a post about on the blog at

    It may take a while to find our authentic "voice" as a writer. Then it takes courage to allow that voice to come through in our writing instead of merely trying to write like someone else.

    Thanks, Donna! I'm going to print out Christina's tip, too!

    Happy writing!

  4. Great post, Donna.

    That's what I strive for nowadays when I write--my authenticity. This comes from simply being honest, being yourself. I've come to believe that, when you do this, the meaning will be there. As I writer, you have to trust your honest voice, no matter how eccentric it might first seem to you.

  5. Suzanne,

    I think that when we stop 'trying' that's when we find our voice. We have to stop writing and trying to impress at the same time, and simply write. We have to trust that we're all originals because we're all different. Some writers 'get it' at an early stage; others have to mature before they realize it.

  6. Well said, Donna! I love The Voice and always find inspiration in the advice of the judges. I never really thought specifically about what Christina said as it applies to my writing however. Thanks for pointing it out!


  7. Great post. I think we need to find our own voice in our writing and in our lives.

  8. As your post shows, positive comments can be much more helpful than negative ones.

  9. Thank you one and all for visiting!

    Kai, unexpected inspiration is the best!

    Nancy, listening to one's self is so important.

    Suzanne, you inspired me by your Madonna post the other day and I believe it helped me make the connection last night.

    Mayra, honesty and trying not to impress helps us get out of our own way.

    Karin, good that you look for insipration. It tends to come in the most unexpected places.

    Mary Jo, our own voice is unique and we need to nurture it.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. This is GREAT, Donna! Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for visiting, much appreciated!

    Warm regards,

  12. Thank you for sharing this post. Finding your voice is a process of self-discovery. Voice and vibration are all connected and for life story writing, this is especially important, which is what I describe in my book, "Giving a Voice to the Voiceless."
    Dorit Sasson
    author of the program and book, "Giving a Voice to the Voiceless"

  13. Wonderful thoughts on voice, Donna. I agree with you. And, I very much like the TV show too.

  14. When you think about it, being "voiceless" is the opposite of having/giving/using your voice. When we stay silent, we give up our power to speak our own truths whether it be in our speaking or writing (which I wrote a post entitled, "Being Silent Never Helps... Here's What Does.."

    Thanks for helpign us share this important message out to those who need it!

    Dorit Sasson
    author of "Giving Voice to the Voiceless"

  15. I've seen the previews for The Voice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show.

  16. Thanks, Donna, for a great post. I agree that we find inspiration everywhere, whether about voice or something else that's crucial. And Suzanne's correct about allowing the world to see who we really are.

    My problem is that I seem to have multiple voices, according to my emotional state when I'm writing; funny and whimsical, satirical when angry over an issue, analytical, etc. Question: Are they separate voices or merely "phases" or "aspects" of the same voice.

    See, I never can stop questioning even the simplist things.


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