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9 Top Children's Books That Motivates Children To Follow Their Dreams

9 Top Children's Books That Motivates Children To Follow Their Dreams

by Pam Johnson

From a young age, it is important that children learn to follow their dreams. They need to have confidence in themselves and learn to do what they believe in. If a child does not believe in herself or himself and does not follow his or her dreams, this will most likely follow them throughout their lives. As young children, one of the best ways to instill this value is through the use of books. The following is a list of 9 children's books that will help motivate your children to follow their dreams and never give up.

1. Henry Builds a Cabin written by D.B. Johnson: This inspirational story tells the tale of a bear working towards building his dream house. It is modeled after Hery David Thoreau and his house near Walden Pond.

2. Snowflake Bentley written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin: This book is about a young boy who turns his passion for snowflakes into a lifelong quest. Despite people telling him he can't reach his goal, he perseveres.

3. William’s Doll written by Charlotte Zolotow: Not only does this book show the importance of following your dreams, but also being yourself, even when others don't approve. The story line of this book is that William has all kinds of toys that are traditionally for boys, but what he truly wants is a doll, despite ridicule for this.

4. Dream Big, Little Pig! written by Kristi Yamaguchi: This children's book centers around a young pig who wants to be a star. Along the way she discovers this is hard work, but she keeps working towards her goal and eventually becomes a star on the ice.

5. Leo the Late Bloomer written by Robert Kraus: This book is inspirational because it tells the story of a very sad lion who can't do anything neatly. He becomes very frustrated with himself but continues to try hard and eventually reaches his goal of being able to read, write, and eat neatly.

6. Follow Your Dreams written by Andrea Posner-Sanchez: This book contains two different stories starring two of Disney's favorite princesses. Both stories teach about not taking the easy way out and following your dreams, despite adversity.

7. Follow Your Dreams written by Mo Vaughn: This book is written by baseball MVP Mo Vaughn and he tells children that they should never give up on what they want to do. This steps from his hard work at becoming a great baseball player.

8. Follow Your Dreams written By Marg Watt: Marg Watt tells the story of a forest creature exploring who he is. He hopes to reach the Hallowed Hollow to truly find himself, and despite the long journey ahead, he follows his dreams and succeeds.

9. Pippa Funnell: Follow Your Dreams written by Pippa Funnell: Pippa Funnell, a famous British Equestrian rider, tells her story of how much work she put in to becoming one of the most famous equestrian riders in the world. She discusses her hardships along the way and showcases how all of that hard work paid off.

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