Thursday, November 1, 2012

Children’s Ezine Guardian Angel Kids: Volunteerism – November 2012 Issue

Do you remember the first time you volunteered? Perhaps you volunteered to help mom in the kitchen. Could it be that you offered to lick the spoon after she made fudge? Dad might have been making sandwiches for lunch and you made the tremendous sacrifice to eat the leftovers.

This kind of volunteerism is wonderful, but do YOU have a ‘spirit of service’? How would that look? The next time your local food pantry serves meals to the homeless, you could go help make the sandwiches. You could serve the meals and thank God that you have a home and food to eat. Do you look for ways to help others that do not benefit you, other than the tremendous satisfaction you’ll receive from truly thinking of others? That’s a spirit of service.

This month, GAK is all about volunteerism and having a spirit of service. I know you will enjoy this month’s issue and will want to share the articles, stories, and poetry this month by clicking the 'share' button at the bottom of each page. Be sure to send the link to the GAK Ezine to your friends, too! And I hope this issue prompts you to think in a new way about volunteering and developing a spirit of service.
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