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Middle Grade Book Review - The Revenge of Thelma Hill by Margot Finke

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Title: The Revenge of Thelma Hill
Written by: Margot Finke
Published in: Kindle
Published: 2012
Pages: 87
Twelve-year old Frannie’s life, in turmoil with the reality of abandonment by her mother, becomes even more frustrating with the announcement of her dad’s work transfer. Moving from the comfort of Iowa to Oregon gets her thinking more and more of her mother and the what if’s. Her dad makes it perfectly clear conversations about her mother are off limits. She would turn to her twin, Jeff, for support but they have never been close.

Upon their move to Oregon, Frannie is determined to make the best of summer vacation, even though the prospect of making friends before school begins appears nil. Miraculously a friendship develops in the most unexpected form. And when I say form, it’s the ghostly form.

Frannie’s ability to tap into spirits from the beyond is fine tuned and entwines her into an experience like no-other. The task at hand is unearthing the key evidence into a long forgotten death of a once wealthy newlywed.

Will Frannie trust her instincts and help the ghost of Thelma Hill be released into her final resting place? Or will she allow her negative relationship with her brother to consume her. Surely there is more than one way to develop a positive relationship with both the living and the dead?

Find out in this expertly written fast paced middle grade novel adventure written by the Aussie from down under, Margot Finke. The author’s wholesome writing is sure to please her readers, from children to parents and educators.

Learn more about Margot Finke’s illustrious writing career and critique services at http://www.margotfinke.com


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  1. Many thanks, Donna. I really appreciate you taking the time to review my book. I wish "illustrious" related more to sales!! There is so much competition these days it is hard for a book to become noticed.

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