Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging from A-Z 2015 Challenge - Transformation

Over the last eight years I've learned that it's possible to transform your life, whether it be your emotional outlook or career path. It's never too late to transform your life into what you've always dreamed about. 

I allowed myself for years to get pigeoned holed in my career path and not exploring my deepest desire to become an author. Sure I remain working in corporate America (a girl has got to eat), but I've allowed myself to concentrate on writing time and networking over the last eight years. It's hard work crafting a manuscript, submitting, connecting with the gatekeepers of the slush pile and hoping your writing will resonate with an agent, editor, or publisher. But oh so worth it, when you hearing an amazing YES, we'd like to publish your manuscript! 

It's never too late to make that transformation in your life that will make your heart and soul sing! I dare you, if there is something you've been yearning to do... such as... learning how to play a musical instrument, paint, sing or a new career path....the sky is the limit. Take the time to seek out experts for advice, weigh your options and spread your wings. You never know what will bloom! 

I'm proud to say my fifth children's book is now with the amazingly talented illustrator, Jack Foster and thanks to Guardian Angel Publisher, Lynda Burch for giving me a chance. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the illustrations and how Jack will make the story come alive. 

Three cheers for your blossoming transformation! 

I'd enjoy hearing how you have transformed your life through the years!


Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Multi Award-winning Children's Author

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  1. My life transformed after writing my first book. I never even wanted to be an author, and now I have four books. Whoa...

  2. Like Alex I never intended to write poetry. yet I have three books. At school I detested poetry. if only those teachers were still here to see the outcome.
    I am trying to transform my life after moving, I find it hard at present but I'll get there.
    Great post Donna.

  3. I always thought a butterflies transformation was neat. Who would've thought that something so odd looking can turn into something so beautiful?

    Years ago, I wrote a lot of poetry. It was one of my passions but then when I started to write stories, poetry has been put on the back burner. Sadly.

    Congratulations on your fifth children's book!

  4. Congrats on book 5! Keep it up and don't stop remembering to live and write. =)

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  5. I'm a bit off my base at the moment - but I'm sure the light, at the end of the tunnel, is not a train!

  6. Like Alex, my life totally transformed after writing my first book.


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