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#PictureBookReview - Spilt Milk by Doug Schwartz

Title:                           SpiltMilk
Written by:                Doug Schwartz
Illustrations by:        Jordan Beckvonpeccoz
Paperback:                 34 pages
Publisher:                  Douglas Schwartz; 1 edition (January 24, 2018)
Language:                  English
ISBN-10:                    098605545X
ISBN-13:                    978-0986055454

Come along for a whimsical adventure of Monkey Pants. Always on the outlook to have fun, Monkey Pants does not pay attention to her brother’s warning on the consequences of spilt milk. Come on seriously what is so wrong about spilt milk?

The glorious imagination of Monkey Pants takes the reader and child on a journey of sharing what happens next before turning the page. A skill imperative to developing a child’s imagination and creativity and Doug Schwartz does a terrific job in formulating such an experience. The crayon child-like illustrations by Jordan Beckvonpeccoz add to the allure of Spilt Milk, which is sure to become a go to book for bookshelves across the globe.


Doug Schwartz, the original Anson Pants, lives in Austin, Texas, where he helps keep it weird. He has co-written nearly a dozen scripts for children's musical theatre, and hopes you enjoy his first children's book. While not inventing ridiculous stories, he explores his imagination for creative solutions to any of life's problems. He believes that no dream is too big and no idea is too silly. Visit Doug:

Jordan Beckvonpeccoz is an illustrator and designer based in Austin, Texas with an imagination to match Monkey Pants! This is her first children’s book, but definitely not her last. Her work can be found on magazine covers and across the internet, and when she’s not drawing, she’s baking pies and cookies. Jordan believes that no problem is too hard to solve with the application of some well-placed creative thinking. Visit Jordan:


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    1. Thanks for visiting. I thought the same thing about the name!

    2. Thanks, Alex. The Pants family started with an inside joke of our family. My sister started calling our dad SpongeBob SquarePants (because his name is Bob). We started calling our mom Pester Pants (because, whose mom isn't one, right?). My daughter was a little Smarty Pants, and my son was very much of a Monkey Pants. My sister dubbed me Anson Pants. Someone suggested the other day the sequel should have the grand parents, Cranky and Grumpy Pants.

  2. Congratulations to Doug! I'm awaiting news on when my first PB will be coming out. :)

    1. Wonderful news...congratulations!

    2. Thank you, Sharon! Very exciting! I wish you success on your first PB (which I am assuming is for Published Book, and not Peanut Butter).

  3. Great name and title! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and for your thoughtful message.

    2. Thank you, Karin! See Alex's post regarding the Pants family names.

  4. Sounds like fun! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your visit and for your lovely comment.

    2. Thank you, Jess! I hope everyone has as much fun reading Spilt Milk as Jordan and I had putting the whole thing together.

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