Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest Author ~ Thomas Wade Bounds

What inspires you to write?

My kids inspire me to write. They are so incredible, with tremendous talent, smiles, laughter and wonder within their mind that is still in the developmental stages. They are so happy, loving, kind and so curious with questions of innocents one moment and then the next they can be so bold and ready to conquer each other and attempt to topple us.

We parents hold the love to guide, to discipline and to know when to let go. What comes to my mind is how to put this to rest or ask the question without worry of having I done enough? What can I do to help resolve the explosion of the moment? What if the explosion of the moment is too big for them to handle and we are not there?

What does it take to calm them and prepare them for that instant? Will they be safe and out of harms way? When do they understand the lesson from the path of which they have just traveled? Or do they get a second chance? They seem to know everything, but then ask why? Why should I do that? They ask why because their minds are still developing and gaining information for them to act on and not react to. How to make a choice right or wrong or even how to understand what is right or wrong.

Today Hollywood and the media have made life seem so unreal; you can make choices and then there are no real consequences from them. Kids accept that, then do not relate to or understand how to identify what the real right choice should be.

Only a parent holds the answers to what they want their child to do, and we must depend upon God’s Wisdom and Guidance to get that right.

To help a mind grow and achieve is wonderful and beautiful. To me watching kids learn something that was once a challenge is more than exciting; it is the impact of love you have for your child and the love your child is learning to have for you, with respect and understanding.

To give a gift of reason and wisdom is a gift that gives back trust. That leads to building a strong parent/child relationship through the years when they may have a tendency to rebel.

I was once told by a minister that he wrote down all of the mistakes that he made during his teen years and then gave it to his child and said, “These are my mistakes, read them learn them, now go make your own.” Passing knowledge on to our kids is giving them the power of an experience that can stand strong against peer pressure and other interferences. When they are preparing for a test, do they just show up and take it, and then hope for the best?

Well, kids today have tests everyday and we should stand up and prepare them for the tests of life. We never know when our kids or even other kids that we do not even know will put our kids in positions that can have serious consequences and life threatening or even fatal situations. I believe that as a parent I need to arm my kids with an experience that they can turn to and relate to when in tights spots. They will not be able to turn and ask for guidance from us when these situations are occurring, even cell phones—though good lines of communication between kids and parents—do not always work in these troubled times. Developing your kids to come up with solutions and to have wisdom of today’s issues is the best preparation for tomorrow’s troubles.

My son asked me, “Dad, why do you write these books?” Well, we then sat down to read them. He turned to me and said, “Now I know why.” He said to me, “Thanks Dad.” We have had many conversations about issues that would normally not come up.

My daughter has read the other series that I am working on that is for the younger child and parent. She has grown so much and asks questions that are truly eye opening to me. Again conversations that are wonderful and graceful allow the child and parent to connect and both can develop kindness, patience, honor, and trust with each other that builds wisdom for kids they otherwise would not have. Together a family becomes open with each other in more ways than by just saying I love you. You will be amazed at the conversations that you can have through questions that our kids long to ask.

I write to inspire my kids; to fill them with more than love; to give them solid thinking power; to open their minds to questions that can only be answered with wisdom by loving parents and power to help them find the messages that God intends for them to find and hold with understanding; to equip them, so when in trouble they are in a position to act, not react. This I pray will help others as well.

I thank God for the wisdom He teaches and provides for us to learn and pass on.

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  1. I love this post! Tom really speaks from the heart and it is so wonderful to read about his children and how important they are in his life.

    Blessings to all,



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