Thursday, May 15, 2008

Institute of Children's Literature Rx for Writers

I'm thrilled to announce that my article "How to Get and Stay Organized for Your Blooming Writing Career," is now published in the Rx for Writers at the ICL website:

In Publishing Paths:
Tips for organizing with files -- both paper and digital.


  1. Donna,

    Congrats! The article, which I read before I realized it was you, was helpful. Boy, do I ever need organizing...


    Margaret Fieland

  2. Have just read your article as I badly need to organise a system.I've printed off your advice to use as a starting point. I am organised to some extent, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, ideas and potential markets. I particularly liked your idea of a desktop file. I have a diary and notebooks, but tend to forget where I've put things. Will try it out.

    Dorothy Massey

  3. Donna this is an excellent article and I sure garnered some good tips
    from it. Organization habits eludes me at times. Great job!\

    Carma Dutra

  4. Congratulations, Donna!
    That's wonderful.

    Cindy Reeg

  5. Congrats, Donna, super news. I'll take a look at it. Sounds like a topic we
    could all use!!

    Nancy Famolari

  6. Hey, Donna M. This is really exciting. Congratulations!

    Katie Hines

  7. Congratulations Donna. That's a great acceptance!

    Donna Amato

  8. This is a great article, Donna. I'm drowning in paperwork and files.
    I'm going to try your suggestions. Thanks for the ideas.



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