Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Surge: Creating a Newsworthy Press Room

In a time when we blog about what we ate for lunch or read news bulletins on our cell phones, shouldn't your book's media kit be just as accessible? Launching an online press room gives reporters immediate access to information relevant to your book and can make you a more appealing subject to be interviewed. Your online press room should be a well-developed asset on your website and include the information you already include in your printed press kit, plus a few extras. Here are just a few recommendations on content for your virtual press room!

Breaking News: Have you recently been honored or hosted a successful book signing? Reporters are seeking the freshest scoop, and you'll want to give them access to your most recent press releases. Update this section frequently with substantive, professional news for the best results.

Multimedia Clips: If you've had the opportunity to record audio or video interviews, display these prominently within your press room. Not only will these clips quickly convey to the media the information they're seeking, but recorded interviews also demonstrate your skills as an interviewee and your newsworthiness.

Downloadable Photos, Graphics or Logos: Make it easy for reporters to include photos of yourself or your book's cover in their stories by providing easy access to high resolution and web-ready images that suit a variety of purposes.

Event Calendar or Timeline: Planning upcoming lectures, signings or interviews? Tell the media where you'll be with an up-to-the-minute calendar. Update frequently to give the latest updates, and don't forget to remove events that have passed!

RSS (Really Simple Syndication): Make it easy for reporters and others to subscribe to your website updates and get your news delivered to their email inboxes.

Reporters work with very narrow deadlines, and if forced to choose between multiple news sources, they will often choose the source who provides the most easily accessed information.

Keep your press room up to date with good content, and you could be the next noted or quoted author.

For more ideas on enhancing your website, visit the Author Resources Center of the BookSurge website!


  1. Excellent information for anyone with the need to spread the word about their work!

    You always share such valuable info, Donna--thanks!

    All the best,

  2. I had the importance of a good media room pounded into my head from day one - "Make it easy for the media to do a story on you!"
    Just gotta work on the multi-media part!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. Very interesting, Donna! Thanks for sharing.

    Karin Larson

  4. This is good, Donna. I'm terrible at promoting myself. I'm going to print this tomorrow when I'm on the desktop and file it in my promo folder. Then to work on my website.




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