Thursday, April 30, 2009

VBT - Writers on the Move - May Tour

Put your writing career in motion with the yahoo marketing group VBT - Writers on the Move. Promote your platform, yourself and your books! We utilize ONGOING tours; Viewpoint segments; mystery site give aways; blog radio spots; and much more to increase visibility and readership.To learn more contact Karen at: put VBT-(VSG) in the subject box.

And now for the May 1, 2009 tour schedule:

Dianne Sagan is hosting Virginia S. Grenier

Harry Gilleland is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Karen Cioffi is hosting Liana Metal

Kathy Stemke is hosting Helena Harper

Lea Schizas is hosting Margaret Fieland

Nancy Famalari is hosting Joyce Anthony

Vivian Zabel is hosting Kevin McNamee

Margaret Fieland is hosting Dorothy Massey

Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Fiona Ingram

Joyce Anthony is hosting Gayle Trent

Helena Harper is hosting Dianne Sagan

Kevin McNamee is hosting Harry Gilleland

Dorothy Massey is hosting Vivian Zabel

Liana Metal is hosting Kathy Stemke

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Lea Schizas

Virginia S. Grenier is hosting Nancy Famalari

Robin Marvel is hosting Crystalee Calderwood

Gayle Trent is hosting Robin Marvel

Please be sure to stop by and learn about these wonderful writers and leave them a comment to let them know you stopped by.

Thank you.

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  1. This looks great! Does the VBT On the Move have a site? (url)


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