Friday, April 30, 2010

Find Out What a Writing Coach Can Do for You and Your Writing Career!

Suzanne Lieurance is a children's author, full time freelance writer, and the Working Writer's Coach. I'm a member of her Children's Writers' Coaching Club and her Write More, Sell More, Make More Money Than Ever in 2010 Coaching Program.

Membership in these two programs has had a BIG impact on my freelance writing career, so recently I asked Suzanne to answer a few questions about her coaching and this new program. If you're struggling with your own freelance writing career, one of Suzanne's coaching programs might be just the thing to help you take your career to the next level!

Donna: What Made You Decide to Become the Working Writer's Coach?

Suzanne: For many years I was a classroom teacher. I just love to teach and it comes naturally to me to want to help others. I seem to be good at explaining things simply. I guess that's one reason I'm also drawn to writing for children. I love to take complicated subjects and make them simple for children (as well as adults) to understand and appreciate. Anyway, while I love to teach, I didn't love being confined to a classroom all day, every day during the school year. So about 12 years ago, I decided to quit teaching and become a full time freelance writer. After a few years of successful freelancing, people started to ask me for tips and advice for their own freelance writing careers. And that led to me becoming the Working Writer's Coach.

Donna: You have a new comprehensive coaching program for anyone who wants to become a freelance writer. It's called the Write More, Sell More, Make More Money Than Ever in 2010 Coaching Program. I just love it! Can you tell people what this program is all about?

Suzanne: Sure, Donna. As you know, this is a new program that allows me to help more writers while still having time for my own writing each day. After all, I'm still a fulltime freelance writer and children's author myself! And I know what it's like when you're just starting a freelance writing career--or you've been at it for a couple of years without much success. You can feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Plus, it's just SOOOO easy to get distracted and, before you know it, your writing career has been pushed aside. My new ongoing program was designed to help beginning writers learn the basics to get their freelance writing careers started. The program also helps more experienced writers take their careers to the next level.

Donna: Do members get individual coaching through the Write More, Sell More, Make More Money Than Ever in 2010 Coaching Program?

Suzanne: That's a great question, Donna. Much of the coaching through this program is done on a group basis. However, any member is able to get individual coaching any time he/she feels a need for it. For example, many members of this program need individual help getting their major writing/career goals created for the year. I help them do this through a series of individual, personal emails (just to them, not to other members of the group), along with some short audio recordings where I talk to them about their goals, based on the information they've sent me via emails.

Every week, members also have the opportunity to ask me any question they have about writing or the business of writing. They just email their question to me. Over the weekend, I record an audio where I answer all the questions I've received that week. On Monday morning, members of the program have access to the recording in the Audio Center at the Morning Nudge Club, a sort of "online clubhouse" for all members of the program. The Morning Nudge Club also features a Resource Center with all sorts of professional templates, tools, articles, and other resources for writers. And, all members of the program also receive The Morning Nudge, a short email from me every weekday morning, with additional tips and resources to help them with their writing and their writing careers.

Donna: I just love The Morning Nudge and The Morning Nudge Club. But tell people what else you do to help writers in this new Write More, Sell More Coaching Program.

Suzanne: Well, after writers have created their major writing/career goals for the year, I help them learn to get a weekly marketing plan in place. A marketing plan is essential if they expect to earn a substantial income as a freelance writer! I also help them put together the other basics they need to have if they want to be taken seriously as a professional freelance writer--items like a professional resume and bio, publication credits, information for their websites or blogs that will be used to promote their freelance writing, etc.

Donna: This is such a great program. I'm sure people want to find out how to sign up for it. Where do they go?

Suzanne: That's easy. They just go to and click on the enrollment/payment form. Once they complete the form, they'll receive several emails from me with instructions for getting started with the program so they have access to all the resources in The Morning Nudge Club. Plus, they'll start receiving The Morning Nudge right away as well.

Donna: Anything exciting coming up for members of this new coaching program?

Suzanne: Ahh..I'm glad you asked that, Donna. Starting in May, we'll have a LIVE group coaching teleclass every month. Each class will cover some element of freelance writing and the business of writing! Stay tuned!

Donna: Sounds exciting. I can't wait! Thanks, Suzanne!


  1. Great interview, Donna! Thanks for sharing. I love The Morning Nudge but definitely need to check our more of what Suzanne offers. I could definitely use a boost on how to improve 2010!


  2. Amazing she can teach others and write at the same time!

  3. This is a great interview Donna. I am a member of the CWCC and the Morning Nudge and Suzanne definetly keeps me on track with my writing.

  4. Hey, everyone,

    Thanks for the interview, Donna! It's always fun to "show up" at other writers' blogs!

    Suzanne Lieurance
    The Working Writer's Coach

  5. Great to have you here Suzanne. Your interview will be posted through the weekend.

    Warm regards,

  6. Karin, Diane, and Kristi...thanks for stopping by. I often wonder too how Suzanne balances it all.

    Warm regards,

  7. Great interview, Donna. I am in the Morning Nudge Club and have already been lucky to have Suzanne give me advice on how to get going with writing goals and a marketing plan. It still seems daunting to me but at least with these tools, it's not quite as bad as before.


  8. Wonderful interview. The CWCC has helped me so much too! It is a great club to join if you're serious about your children's writing career.

  9. I'm a CWCC and Morning Nudge fan. And, oh yeah, a member.

    Great interview!

  10. Great interview. I am a member too and it really is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow. It seems like almost everyone who's posted, except me, is a member. Sounds like a great program to help writers. Nice interview, Donna. Thanks for the information, Suzanne.


  12. 寂寞又無聊 看到你的BLOG 加油喔!!........................................

  13. Great interview Donna! Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like a program to check into.


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