Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Children's author, George W. Everett shares with us his Writer's Life

I know we have all heard it before, but the Internet has provided (and continues to provide) wonderful opportunities to meet people that we normally would have not met. What better way to get to know children's authors, but through specific topics to give us a glimpse into their writing world.

I'm happy to host, George W. Everett on the second day of his National Writing for Children Center's author showcase.

The Writer's Life with George W. Everett

My passion is putting my thoughts into cartoon characters and creating them on paper. I first sketch them and then transfer them to Photoshop where the artwork and colors are enhanced. Being a pastor for over 100 families is the majority of my day, but I try and put aside a couple of hours each day to create. I usually write the story first and then add the illustrations for each page of type. I really don’t know what I love most: writing the story or creating the illustrations. They both are tremendously satisfying. My little sister Bonnie Hawkes Everett has been a children’s book illustrator for many years and has given me valuable insights as to story lines and illustration short-cuts.

Follow George over to Nicole Weaver's blog tomorrow when George chats about Tradebook Tips for Teachers.

Please stop back tomorrow when Suzanne Lieurance joins me on her second day of her NWFCC virtual book tour.


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  1. It must be an awesome feeling to not only write your story, but to illustrate it as well. Congratulations, George.


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