Thursday, December 9, 2010

Full-time freelance writer and Working Writer's Coach, Suzanne Lieurance discusses her Writer's Life

I'm thrilled to have full-time frelance writer and the Working Writer's Coach, Suzanne Lieurance with me today. I first met Suzanne early on in my writing career through the Children's Writers' Coaching Club (CWCC) and now as her Publicist Intern for the National Writing for Children Center and CWCC and she has been instrumental in guiding my writing career as to where it is today. Without further ado, please welcome Suzanne.

The Writer's Life with Author Suzanne Lieurance

I'm so happy to be here at Donna McDine's blog for the second day of my 6-day virtual tour for my book, The Lucky Baseball: My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp. Let me tell you a little bit about what the writer's life is like for me.
First, since I'm also a writing coach as well as a writer, I spend part of my time each workday helping other writers. I also have to spend some time each day promoting my writing and my coaching businesses. The rest of the time I spend searching for new freelance writing assignments or coming up with ideas for books or stories, then I spend time writing, too. Usually, I like to write first thing in the morning before I get distracted by all the other things I need to do.

One of the things I love most about the writer's life is that I can write most anywhere, most anytime. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and write for an hour or two, then I'll take a nap in the middle of the day. I also like to go to coffee shops and bookstores once in a while and do some writing there. And I like to go to the library to do some of the research for my books. Sometimes, I even travel to interesting spots to research my books.
I have two dogs, Miko and Daisy, and they are my writing buddies. No, they don't write anything. But they like to sit at my feet while I'm writing. And we take breaks during the day and go for walks or just go outside to play.

I also make school visits to talk to students and teachers about my books. That's always a lot of fun. I think the writer's life is the best life in the world and I'm so lucky to be able to do exactly what I love to do!

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Follow Suzanne over to Nicole Weaver's blog tomorrow when she chats about Tradebook Tips for Teachers.


  1. I agree with Suzanne. The writing life is great. I wish I was a disciplined as she is about promoting my books. Maybe this will inspire me.

    Great post, Donna!

  2. It was great finding out more about you, Suzanne!

  3. Hey, Donna,

    Thanks for hosting Day 2 of my 6-day virtual book tour.

    I always enjoying dropping by your blog to see the other authors you feature here.

    Happy reading and writing, everyone!

  4. It was nice reading about Suzanne. Can't believe she finds enough hours in the day to do all she does. Best of luck in your tour, Suzanne.

  5. Lovely thoughts on writing. Thanks to you both.

  6. Wonderful interview, Donna. Suzanne is an inspiration to all of us.

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  7. Suzanne, how fun to know you have two poochie pals to help you write! And I love your's a real winner! -Nancy

  8. Hi Suzanne:

    It has been wonderful hosting you today. Best wishes to your continued success!

    Thank you one and all for dropping by today and visiting with Suzanne, your interest is greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,

  9. Hey, Donna,

    What lovely comments people left here for my tour.

    Thanks again, Donna.

    It was such fun being a part of your site this week.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  10. Congratulations on your new book, Suzanne. I enjoyed reading about your writing life. It is nice to be able to write when you want to, whether it's the middle of the night or during the day.

    Good luck with your tour.


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